“great restaurants are, of course, nothing but mouth-brothels.

there is no point in going to them if one intends to keep one’s belt buckled”

– frederic raphael

 the preceding quote illustrates the philosophy behind perrone’s. our restaurant and menu will always be a work in progress, continuously evolving and changing with the goal of creating one of the area’s most unique, exciting and delicious food experiences.

food, like life, must have balance to be harmonious. flavors should coexist, not dominate. we pride ourselves on that philosophy of balance by creating dishes that have many notes, but are all playing the same song.

we consider our fare “world cuisine with a mediterranean focus.” the menu reflects the unique culinary influences of a vast and varied world. complex curries from india and thailand, the umami-rich influences of asia, warming spices from north africa, and the hearty, yet healthy fare of the mediterranean,

we are all about local and organically sourced when available, and our proteins are growth hormone and antibiotic free. we utilize local poultry farms, ranchers, fishermen, crabbers, clammers, and shrimpers, sustainably farmed salmon from the icy, cold fjords of patagonia, and  seafood from all over the east coast as well as the fresh, abundant waters of our own southern backyard.

we are just as serious about our cocktails, wines and beers as we are about our food. our extensive menu of cocktails are crafted with infused liquors, barrel-aged ingredients, and house-made syrups and bitters. we are proud to offer a wine spectator award winning wine list with an incredible coravin (by the glass) menu, as well as a perlage system for pouring and preserving vintage champagnes by the glass.

so stop by, relax, have a cocktail, peruse our offerings,

be adventurous, explore the unknown and embrace your dining experience.


perrones “changing lives one dish at a time”

chef steven perrone

eileen – my wife, my love, my life, my muse