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executive chef/maintenance man/counselor/mentor/giver/owner :: steven perrone


what can we say about this humble man who finds it uncomfortable to talk about himself and his talent.

known around here as "the food whisperer" he is a self taught chef who has fueled his culinary journey with passion, perseverance, and a profound understanding of flavors. a bit of a maverick, he is truly a chef who fears no one or nothing (except clowns) when it comes to food.



general manager/wine taster/designer/51% owner :: eileen perrone

manager.jpg eileen is the one responsible for the upscale retro-modern look and that comfortable, almost womb-like feeling that the restaurant emanates. armed with only a glass of wine, a determined attitude, and an eye for cool, she has created a "metropolitan" look with that little "burgh" feel.


she is the "face of the front", the "hostess with the mostess", the "glue", the "wo-man with the plan", ........I think you get the idea.